“If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?” …Rumi

Are my thoughts relevant…

I think it’s a pretty decent question… especially when considering how many of me there are!

Welcome to my blog…

If you reading this, well not only have you found me but also the inner thoughts which pick at my soul… I’d like to consider myself as a child amongst the people I surround myself with.

My name’s Wayne a relatively random, slightly quirky… guy from Cape Town.

Would like to know a little more on me, then you welcome to check the links here…


…less about me and a little more about the topic! It’s a question most of us have asked, yet few of us are willing to acknowledge whether our thoughts are actually relevant. We are so busy on social networks and talking about everything other than ourselves and what’s really happening in our lives, surrounding ourselves with all this fluff in hope that it would cushion the inevitable blow that life is about to deal us…

But if that’s true… then so is what they’ve said all along. “ignorance is bliss”

Either way you look at it, I guess our thoughts are… even if doesn’t feel like it. Marketing companies, governments and many other figures, mostly unseen to the general public set up all this just so they could listen in on our thoughts.

So now that they listening… What are we all saying? Re-blogged articles, pics and quotes and sharing pics of kittens instead of addressing real issues we are faced with on a daily basis! I think we need to be more original and honest… because in the end, the truth always comes out…

I’ll leave you with that thought and write a little more when I feel a bit more honest 🙂


Here’s my favourite pic of the day:

“You turned the whole world
into a sanctuary where
You are the
Only ONE.”


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