“If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?” …Rumi

…they say love makes the world go round

Well in a way, they are right… in a way! However if it’s love that makes the world go round, what would happen if everyone stopped loving?

While reflecting over my life and the lives of others I have had the privileged to love and be loved by… I’ve noticed something interesting. This word has become a commodity to be traded in today’s society. If you do not understand, why not check out how Valentines Day came into being, along with Christmas, Easter, New years day, Family dayDay of goodwill, various Bank holidaysYouth DayHeritage DayIndependence DayGuy Fawkes DayBoxing Day which is yet another celebrated bank holiday…

Most people are just happy with getting the day off to spend with family and friends after working like a slave to a system which only traps them more and more everyday… We now have incredible access to numerous resources, knowledge and fresh idea’s to openly speak to others about… Corporations have aptly dubbed this as “Social Media” while telling us to share and like and do… we have conveniently allowed it to replace the previously ordained Institutions and Media Juggernauts with what we deem as relevant, thus allowing further enslavement by the controlling powers that be…

But I don’t want this post to be about them… I would prefer that it be about us and everything we hold dear, like love 😀

How do I help when people I love are all suffering, when they are actually supposed to be enjoying this life that is so ridiculously short and pathetic, where every step you take forward only pushes you three steps back with you the on looker ending up worse off than when you started your sorry existence with no one else to blame but yourself for your current condition, all the while thinking… what and who have I wronged to deserve this painful life! I now know why I’m unable to amount to even half the man my father was. We cry, for love lost, not conditions or possible circumstances which hurt us… thus not acknowledging the actual root of the problem, so the truth reveals itself after you have looked passed it so many times. You only have yourself to blame, because as blissful as ignorance may make you, the rude awakening you’ll get once you discover the truth is only the start of torment you find in your life…

Back in the day when the conquering nations would enter a “new territory” they would trade goods, which were made up of useless trinkets and junk that wasn’t worth the sand it was put on… Is today any different? You work your ass off for money, money which is created by who? …no, not the country or it’s government… but banks, while they constantly rob the value of what you think is a honest living to offer you the very same useless trinkets they gave the once majestic countries they colonized and raped.

So if they say… love makes the world go round, why is it that their actions contradict? To what end will we allow this madness?


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