“If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?” …Rumi

Rambled thoughts coupled with fresh notions I wish to explore…

An odd title for a blog post …but rather common nonetheless, considering that it’s all we seem to do these days… Ramble.

As much as I want to add an image to this post to make it more reader friendly, for sharing and SEO etc. How important is online interaction, sharing expressing and so on… When all it has allowed us the user to do is less of everything in reality, while allowing for so much investment and time into an interface that disconnects us in reality from those we would normally share, friend, interact and express things with? Instead we give all our thoughts, emotion, consent, energy and contributions to make it possible to continue… We all like using facebook, twitter, google and the many other social interactive sites but have you ever stopped to think of what happens to all that interaction? So yes, the data and various info gets sold by the various social sites to massive corporations and other private entities, governments etc. but for what purpose? To get us to by more? To express more? To give more? When in truth, we’ve been silenced!

If anything it has disconnected us more… not allowing us to see the first hand repercussions of enabling our inner most thoughts to be just that. It’s removed us from seeing the inequality, injustice and lack of empathy that take place in our communities… However at the same time we can not blame these social interfaces for this things, as it has informed us about a few of the “extreme” cases of social discourse too… like the rapes and maiming of innocent people, animals and may other things taking place throughout the world, so we may in part allow our voice to be heard… electronically to the very entities who’ll be purchasing this mass amount of data to lobby by-laws, enabling them to continue running this system we call capitalism… then imposing secrecy laws to protect us from ourselves… what bs

Malcom X once said, ” You can’t have capitalism without racism”

…And although this opens a whole new bag of junk, it still holds all the relevance, for me… but that’s mostly in part due to its true history which initiated connecting us all, whether by the act of enslaving or by indirect contribution of our very energies, emotions, sharing and so forth.

I may be drifting slightly from the point here, but I can’t help but hold a deep seeded sentiment of hatred to what this world and it’s beings have come to.  In saying this, I by no means exclude myself from this, however it doesn’t stop me from questioning the intentions of those we put in power to “govern” us because we are clearly to lazy and occupied to do so ourselves. And yet we do! It’s very sad that your possibilities & ideas become limited, if you don’t have money…

But what in itself is money? Well we all know what money does, how it’s made and what it’s used for… But have you ever considered that the very money you have in your pocket and bank account is the “Goods” that colonialists used to trade with natives back in the day when they first stepped foot on foreign land? These days they call it gift giving…lol… The very same goods that were deemed worthless in their own country of origin? Once you have managed to grasp that idea, I would ask why is it that we choose to continually support it?

A quote I recently discovered thanks to my brother was one by James Read,

“People who dismiss the unemployed and dependant as “parasites” fail to understand the economics of parasitism. A successful parasite is one that is not recognised by its host, one that can make its host work for it without appearing as a burden. Such is the ruling class in a capitalist society”

So what is it all for then? Once the ruling class has all the natural & rare mineral resources in their hands? Well it’s simple, they create circumstances that induce conflict… or you can just call it stock market crashes, wars, politics, poverty, mis-education or a tortuously long plan for ethnic cleansing. While making people willingly defile monuments of the own leaders while replacing it with one of their own… Sounds like the same old shit doesn’t it! But the truth of the matter is that you can’t re-invent the wheel, in the same way you can’t think outside the box if you never knew you were trapped in the box to begin with.

But all these are merely thoughts rambling through my head at the moment and even though I have found the solution many years ago… I too am too lazy to find the want to change it, so instead I just share its sentiments online while hiding in this prison I have created for myself…

If I had the opportunity, I would like to get a few people, enthusiasts and specialists together to create something more than this mere vicious cycle I call life… You might want to call this life the rat race… but I’m not a rat!

The people I would like to get together would consist of the following:


Physics Scientists




Developers (Hardware & Software)


Architectural Alchemists

…along with many  others who would like to see a possibility, of an under utilised resource being created and harnessed to redevelop, sustain, create something better than what money or any “trade goods” can offer… a future from this vicious cycle of life. There’s a huge range of ideas I have, however I do not know how to correctly execute them to make them a tangible reality. To whomever reads this… please note that none of this would be for that of financial or material gain, but to change and improve on the current world we live in today.

Many say that it’s the law of attraction… so why is it that we only choose to attract one side with such incredible efficiency? Victims, crime, poverty, despair and apathy, when all we give off everyday is hard work, love, care, dedication, commitment, consideration and respect etc.? Could it be from the very system we all support indirectly while allowing ourselves to get caught up in the poli-tricks  of it all?

I have the honour and privilege of my home, South Africa be the main cog in the lucrative history we have so aptly dubbed slavery… and yet it has seen two very prominent humanitarians grace its lands before after and during much hardship and bloodshed. So what does that make me? I would say it makes me a by-product of their actions and ideals, whilst knowing great strife and great futures to come… I’m but one that has yet to bare the fruits of their labours.

Magnetism is a great thing… it binds us all, in ways we can’t begin to imagine. Do I now stand on the precipice of evolution to decide the fate of thing yet to come?


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