“If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?” …Rumi


Being DJ Gersh (interview)

Today we met with another up and coming gem from Cape Town… One of the many members who aim to change the face of South Africa through creative and positive creativity. Using music as his source of inspiration while using remixed beats that make you feel the pulse of the Mother City.



Name: Gershan Mars,

Aged: 19 years

Field: DJ

website: beingdjgersh.wordpress.com

facebook: Being DJGersh

facebook: DJ Gersh

whatsapp: +2784 445 1887

@Satec.org : So… first things first Mr Mars, how long have you been at it… Dj’ing?

@DJ Gersh : Five years, turning in for my sixth year.

@Satec.org : Who is your chosen muse for this inspired field of creativity?

@DJ Gersh : I’m inspired by DJ / Producer / Remixer “Prince Kaybe” along with my family, friends and supporters who’ve stood by me all these years.

@Satec.org : What are your goals over the next few years?

@DJ Gersh : Over the next few years, I want to become a Qualified Sound Engineer & Professional DJ.

@Satec.org : That’s great, when & where next can we see you in action?

@DJ Gersh : My next performance is on Saturday, 24 March 2018 at Wellington Stasie 6 …I’ll be releasing my latest mix on Easter Friday (Good Friday) via datafilehost & facebook/ whatsapp.

@Satec.org : What do you do in your Spare time?

@DJ Gersh : I use my spare time to work on my skills and sharpen it, because one can’t never be too good.

@Satec.org : Have you been on air before, radio?

@DJ Gersh : Yes, I’ve DJ’ed on Radio KC twice and recently also interviewed by them.

@Satec.org : You seem to be making a few good waves in your chosen field… If you could ask for anything that can help you in your pursuit of happiness, what would it be?

@DJ Gersh : For those who wish to support or promote me, I seek sponsorship, equipment and more opportunities to prove myself.

There you have it…. @Being DJGersh. If you’d like to know more, or just want to check out he’s next performance, feel free to contact Gershan.

Written by:

@WhetMaverick ( @Wayne_CT ) for @SATEC.org Youth

Blog Post…for SATEC org. FB page, 22 March 2018

A first…for a roller out in the sticks :-)

Here today is my first real on-line post in what feels to be three, possibly four years…

Theres nothing particularly fascinating about it…. or life changing…just a small attempt at making a new years resolution perhaps. So over the passed few weeks I’ve attempted to keep writing a few entries tracking my day to day activities in the middle of nowhere.

60km outside Durban, South Africa… I send you notes from “out in the sticks” in the middle of a beautiful rural zulu community named Eskelikethlenhi, Inchanga, Ximba, Outer West Durban, South Africa. Sheesh thats a mouth full….

Without further ado, my life entries to you from RSA 🙂



The Roller….

This is a document relating to the life and times of Wayne Moses, going by the alias of Whet Maverick.

A 36 year old “cape coloured” skater from South Africa, Cape Town… Cape Flats.

Having a somewhat sheltered/ privileged existence… born in the years of apartheid, having my family torn apart by the state/ government and in later years by myself. Have I unwittingly become a product of my environment?

These are my journal entries…. which will include whatsapp, email, social media (Later) communication… also random research which I pursued out of curiosity & the need to find solutions. Either way, I left everything behind to seek the truth of all which plagues my being. …From the near religious choice of monetary slavery to the pschycological tyranny of peoples drama, ego, vanity and so forth. In a sense to vent, rant, reason with myself so I may gain some insight of my experiences or overcome the stupidity of others. (in the wise words of Bob Marley, time will tell)


Below are a couple of images showing the walking distances I cover just to have a good road to skate downhill…



….and the background image below is from the walking path named the Monteseel Mountain Trial which is approximately 60km outside of Durban City in a area named Inchanga. The app I was using to collect this data is called Samsung Health.SHealth_14_08_59_636


Where to start, I gues there’s no better time that the present… and I’ll work back from there…partly because certain issues are currently more pressing than others. And also due to my memory fading, whether from age, smoking weed, hitting my head against the road one to many times while skating or because the pain the circumstances/ experiences have caused me….the truth of my memory however is not from the above mentioned. It stems from my relentless pursuit/ search for love. Or at least that’s what I told myself at the age of 27.

Having many suitors, too many I’d say… although I’m not much to look at, I am my fathers son. Filled with charisma, charm and what a few of my ex-bosses call the gift of the gab. I have the ability to talk my way into and out of almost any situation I choose to be a part of, or influence. Getting back to the point though. I’m one of those people who have pursued love relentlessly, giving all I have, all I am in hope that my partner would do the same for me. Alas, life does not work like that, niether does love. My expectations of others was always high, sometimes too high. Doing things for them as I would for myself, holding high expectations of myself knowing that I will keep to them and not realising that those I love or loved would not see or hold to those same expectations.

The longest any of my relationships lasted was 3…maybe 4 years… three years, with my last serious partner, who I broke up with because she lied to me. And the one of 4 years because she was so straight forward, she broke up to me, giving me the ultimatum that she can either be honest, or truthful, but not both…. she was pretty smart, life smart and book smart.

Nonetheless it was due to a string of terrible choices of partners, or maybe a terribly poor judge of character that I ended up deciding to not hold onto the memories we shared…I actively chose to forget the beautiful moments we shared, because those moments were attached to agreements we made… They hurt so much that if I didn’t forget those moments, I would surely commit suicide. The depression was so painful, I could literally not speak for months on end. Only really being able to greet when greeted, say yes please, no thank you, ok, and goodbye…. purely out of respect or acknowledgment of the other persons presence.

So…today! Tooooo Dayyyy. I awoke late and chose to sleep in, fortunately because I only work three days a week, unfortunately because I spent all of yesterday walking from an area named botha’s hill to the place where I currently stay. Roughly I’d say felt like 50km of walking. Which is also kinda good because I’m currently having a step challenge with my cousin in Cape Town via an app called “S Health”….needless to say after yesterdays walk I’m way ahead in the challenge.


What would change the Present

I’m not reeally sure… I feel that there are many things that would change the present, however without presence how can the present ever be accepted and thus changed?

Rambled thoughts coupled with fresh notions I wish to explore…

An odd title for a blog post …but rather common nonetheless, considering that it’s all we seem to do these days… Ramble.

As much as I want to add an image to this post to make it more reader friendly, for sharing and SEO etc. How important is online interaction, sharing expressing and so on… When all it has allowed us the user to do is less of everything in reality, while allowing for so much investment and time into an interface that disconnects us in reality from those we would normally share, friend, interact and express things with? Instead we give all our thoughts, emotion, consent, energy and contributions to make it possible to continue… We all like using facebook, twitter, google and the many other social interactive sites but have you ever stopped to think of what happens to all that interaction? So yes, the data and various info gets sold by the various social sites to massive corporations and other private entities, governments etc. but for what purpose? To get us to by more? To express more? To give more? When in truth, we’ve been silenced!

If anything it has disconnected us more… not allowing us to see the first hand repercussions of enabling our inner most thoughts to be just that. It’s removed us from seeing the inequality, injustice and lack of empathy that take place in our communities… However at the same time we can not blame these social interfaces for this things, as it has informed us about a few of the “extreme” cases of social discourse too… like the rapes and maiming of innocent people, animals and may other things taking place throughout the world, so we may in part allow our voice to be heard… electronically to the very entities who’ll be purchasing this mass amount of data to lobby by-laws, enabling them to continue running this system we call capitalism… then imposing secrecy laws to protect us from ourselves… what bs

Malcom X once said, ” You can’t have capitalism without racism”

…And although this opens a whole new bag of junk, it still holds all the relevance, for me… but that’s mostly in part due to its true history which initiated connecting us all, whether by the act of enslaving or by indirect contribution of our very energies, emotions, sharing and so forth.

I may be drifting slightly from the point here, but I can’t help but hold a deep seeded sentiment of hatred to what this world and it’s beings have come to.  In saying this, I by no means exclude myself from this, however it doesn’t stop me from questioning the intentions of those we put in power to “govern” us because we are clearly to lazy and occupied to do so ourselves. And yet we do! It’s very sad that your possibilities & ideas become limited, if you don’t have money…

But what in itself is money? Well we all know what money does, how it’s made and what it’s used for… But have you ever considered that the very money you have in your pocket and bank account is the “Goods” that colonialists used to trade with natives back in the day when they first stepped foot on foreign land? These days they call it gift giving…lol… The very same goods that were deemed worthless in their own country of origin? Once you have managed to grasp that idea, I would ask why is it that we choose to continually support it?

A quote I recently discovered thanks to my brother was one by James Read,

“People who dismiss the unemployed and dependant as “parasites” fail to understand the economics of parasitism. A successful parasite is one that is not recognised by its host, one that can make its host work for it without appearing as a burden. Such is the ruling class in a capitalist society”

So what is it all for then? Once the ruling class has all the natural & rare mineral resources in their hands? Well it’s simple, they create circumstances that induce conflict… or you can just call it stock market crashes, wars, politics, poverty, mis-education or a tortuously long plan for ethnic cleansing. While making people willingly defile monuments of the own leaders while replacing it with one of their own… Sounds like the same old shit doesn’t it! But the truth of the matter is that you can’t re-invent the wheel, in the same way you can’t think outside the box if you never knew you were trapped in the box to begin with.

But all these are merely thoughts rambling through my head at the moment and even though I have found the solution many years ago… I too am too lazy to find the want to change it, so instead I just share its sentiments online while hiding in this prison I have created for myself…

If I had the opportunity, I would like to get a few people, enthusiasts and specialists together to create something more than this mere vicious cycle I call life… You might want to call this life the rat race… but I’m not a rat!

The people I would like to get together would consist of the following:


Physics Scientists




Developers (Hardware & Software)


Architectural Alchemists

…along with many  others who would like to see a possibility, of an under utilised resource being created and harnessed to redevelop, sustain, create something better than what money or any “trade goods” can offer… a future from this vicious cycle of life. There’s a huge range of ideas I have, however I do not know how to correctly execute them to make them a tangible reality. To whomever reads this… please note that none of this would be for that of financial or material gain, but to change and improve on the current world we live in today.

Many say that it’s the law of attraction… so why is it that we only choose to attract one side with such incredible efficiency? Victims, crime, poverty, despair and apathy, when all we give off everyday is hard work, love, care, dedication, commitment, consideration and respect etc.? Could it be from the very system we all support indirectly while allowing ourselves to get caught up in the poli-tricks  of it all?

I have the honour and privilege of my home, South Africa be the main cog in the lucrative history we have so aptly dubbed slavery… and yet it has seen two very prominent humanitarians grace its lands before after and during much hardship and bloodshed. So what does that make me? I would say it makes me a by-product of their actions and ideals, whilst knowing great strife and great futures to come… I’m but one that has yet to bare the fruits of their labours.

Magnetism is a great thing… it binds us all, in ways we can’t begin to imagine. Do I now stand on the precipice of evolution to decide the fate of thing yet to come?

Follow-up to “Just” an epic fail combined with questionable ethics



Dear Mr. Moses


We refer to the above matter and address this letter at the instance of our client, Just Property Group (Pty) Ltd.


We have in our possession a copy of your aforementioned correspondence.


It is not our client’s intention at present to respond to each and every allegation contained in your correspondence and failure to do so should not be construed as an acceptance thereof and our client reserves all its rights to respond to this at the appropriate time and in the appropriate forum.


We record that our client is a Company duly registered in terms of the South African Companies Act and accordingly capable of instituting/defending legal action in such capacity.


The registered name is Just Property Group (Proprietary) Limited.


We further record:


http://hellopeter.com/just-group-africa/compliments-and-complaints – Refers to Just Group Africa.


http://beta.mnet.co.za/carteblanche/Article.aspx?ID=4180 – Just Group Africa


https://www.facebook.com/pages/Just-Group-Africa/381366425472 – Just Group Africa


It is common knowledge that our client is in no way associated, affiliated or even remotely linked to Just Group Africa to which you referred in the above links.


Your correspondence accordingly reflects inaccurate, slanderous and mischievous comments without bases of fact and proper investigation and clearly has the intent to embarrass our client and amounts to defamation of character.


Our client has numerous Independent Franchisees which we have noted have been included in your correspondence. It was thus clearly your intention to defame and embarrass our client in the eyes of these Franchisees. Such action could have serious financial implications for our client and again we reserve our client’s rights in this regard.


We thus demand that you retract your statement above together with an unequivocal and unconditional apology to be forwarded to every recipient that you previously forwarded the correspondence to as well as to writer.


Should our client not receive such response by close of business today legal steps will follow without further notice.











TEL 021 418 0542

FAX 021 418 0535


…and my reply:

Dear Mr Humphries,

I’m assuming that you meant the matter below… as I’d have to refer to the past mail and correspondence in order to reply to your “statement” and legal jargon regarding allegations that “reflects inaccurate, slanderous and mischievous comments”
I simply pointed out quite bluntly and as any person would do, after receiving spam that I never signed up for from “Just invest”. What I found is listed on public online sites… That’s not defamation… it’s fact… and quite many of them at that… and the reason I chose to mention it is because of the unbelievable consistency that any “just” company had regardless of which field of business it was…
However, if you feel that what was stated as being so to say rude, then why is it that I haven’t received an apology for the spam I was sent in the first place… because in my understanding… getting mail that I have not signed up for would be the same, wouldn’t it?
My actions are my own and I’m tired of dealing with incompetent & unethical businesses who want to hide behind their titles and whatever-else. I can not apologize for what you have had the opportunity to read. All I did was inform your “client” from an individuals perspective on what I found when doing research in my personal capacity after I was sent an email I never signed up for in an attempt to propose business to me, an human being, not a cc pty etc.
So if your client can be nice and stop behaving like a child, that would be appreciated. I will not be taking demands or be summoned to respond, retract or do any such thing for stating what I found online whilst doing a little research to others (public) or experiences of those whom have dealt with any “Just” business or company.
If you feel that what I have said is untrue and that this link is also incorrect… Maybe your “client” needs to speak with all of those people who have complained first… please see http://hellopeter.com/just-letting/compliments-and-complaints
You can demand all you want… I’ll respond when I have a moment and  internet bandwidth to do so and just in case you want to get technical there too, considering that yesterday was Friday… your business day vs mine, I finished work when I sent you that email… banks finish at 3pm, security staff finishes at 7am in the morning and so on… there’s no actual end to a business day.
Since you wanted to use all that bold print too: There’s no such thing as an unconditional apology… I’m not god that can grant unconditional love and therefore can not offer you what you are asking, regardless of how much legal jargon you wish to threaten me with… over an above that, I can not retract/ take back my statement as that in itself was the manner in which I chose to deal with the “just ” thing, there are so many “Just” companies, that me as the general public can’t even figure out who is actually in charge… If there was one email address maybe stating that that is the HQ for the Just group, I would have only sent it there… and said all that I have to them only.


No, for me it wasn’t common knowledge… that’s why I sent out the email and even mentioned that I found the links on a global search engine named google… so if you have issues there, maybe you should take it up with them because if my correspondence is inaccurate, slanderous and mischievous… then they would be the first in line… fact, well that you can refer to the url. I found on hellopeter.com in this reply above. Those points/ complaints and compliments are listed by everyone who has had the unfortunate and fortunate dealings with Justletting… So I as the general public would look at it as no only just letting… but the Just Group as there are so many companies sharing this name. I’m not a pty or a cc etc. I’m a individual human being with no interest or affiliation to anyone in any of these fields of work whatsoever…
If it was my intention to embarrass your “client” I think I would have asked a major newspaper to investigate and write an article on the company, however… I didn’t, so relax, and just ask JustInvest to stop sending me stuff/ spam which I didn’t sign up for.
The reason I included all those other emails was because they were listed online and I do not have the time or money to call each one of them to ask why I got the spam letter.
If you wish to speak, you can call me as I’m not constantly online.  My mobile number is listed below. Have a good weekend and hope this clears up things.

Wayne Moses


“Just” an epic fail combined with questionable ethics

Recently I received a amazing email newsletter titled “Highest Growth in SA”  from a letting/ investing/ rental group named Just Letting, Just Invest… and god knows what else, they seem to have their fingers in everything… I didn’t bother checking the JSE for the “Just Group SA” in fear of the shock I would end up with by knowing too much because of one “Spam” newsletter email of them telling me how amazing they are.

I’m as cheesed with random spam, I didn’t sign up for as the next person… however I figured I would rather respond to them in a polite manner and brush it aside… here’s the full email below.

“Hi there,

Thanks for the email… even though I didn’t sign up to be informed of how your group has grown in South Africa. Hope you guys are doing well on that side, I’ve had an opportunity to look at your website and everything you have to offer…

However I’ll unfortunately not be requiring your services as I have discovered the following…
@JustInvest4 on twitter has too many fake followers, please see http://fakers.statuspeople.com for more info, type in your twitter handle… this in itself very poor practice for any business. So I wouldn’t want to know how badly the other  three previous twitter handles were that you guys are now on number 4… or all the other social profiles listed to your group of companies.
…and with at least forty serious complaints from customers who have dealt with the “just group”
Thereafter an additional one hundred and seventy one awful and in many cases bordering on unlawful actions which customers have mentioned and complained about…
…you guys even manage to come under the spot light of Carte Blanche on tv?
…Your facebook page is filled with very bad complaints and no feedback to any of them:
Maybe if things change in future, I just might reconsider contacting your group of companies…. sorry, going with you guys would be a very poor choice, however I do hope 2013 is a good year for you….
Just a quick mention, if I may… These are the first pages I came across when looking for you on google (It could be wrong but I highly doubt that), I’d prefer to avoid any business or personal dealings with this group in any way… However I would like to thank you nonetheless for making me aware of your existence, now may I request that you remove me from any future info you’d wish to send my way.
My apologies if I’ve duplicated any email addresses, your contact list your website is really long and I do not know who’s in charge of this business group

On 17 January 2013 18:29, Just Invest <invest@justinvest.co.za> wrote:

To ensure delivery of these emails to your inbox, please add invest@justinvest.co.za to your email address book.This email was sent to waynemoses@gmail.com by invest@justinvest.co.za.

Click here to view it in your browser   | Click here to unsubscribe    |
Officially Highest Rentals & Highest Growth in SA
FROM ONLY R565 000
All Costs Included
Estimated Rental Income R6300 pm
Sustainability – Ellisras, Lephalale Facebook like
45% of South Africa’s coal reserves, two of the Largest Coal mines in the World, Two of the Largest Power stations in South Africa, Huge housing shortage, No Rental properties available, Highest rental return in South Africa, Clubhouse, Swimming Pool, Laundromat, Kids play area, Upmarket finishes…

Town with Highest rental returns since 2008
Over 100 Units Sold from November 2012


sent to: invest@justinvest.co.za

cc’d:  sales@justgroup-africa.co.za,

Thoughts & Rants with a few disturbing questions…

After not writing for many moons… I finally made a decision to touch my keyboard and convert my thoughts into another medium that exists outside my somewhat feeble imagination that has become accustomed to expecting the worst case scenarios, whether they’re real or fictitious and with this I now start my “new year” according to the Gregorian calendar which most of this world follows with military precision… I came to accept that I can no longer choose to, however I will gladly acknowledge everyone who still chooses to do so… because it helps them make sense of it all…. blah blah blah…bleh.

Unfortunately or fortunately this is not the case for me. I have spent a considerable portion of my life somewhat glued to one screen or another without truly questioning the contents authenticity/ validity… instead I willingly followed and agreed with most of what was said, only to realize that nearly none of what I have taken in is of any real consequence…

…for example, yesterday I walked into my local super market, and purchased some sausage, bread & peanut butter. Although the place was packed with people rushing about to weekly or monthly groceries, I wasn’t phased by them at all because I was plugged into a screen even then… the screen being my mobile phone. Using it to calculate prices, listen to music via blue-tooth and replying to friends in the neighborhood and elsewhere in the country. By disconnecting myself from what was actually going on around me, I became aware of something else… Best buys (you know, the cheap stuff thats quick & easy to make, like beef sausage)… not that I’m a health nut or anything… just an average guy on a mission for munchies so, I looked a little closer because something that’s cheap or free usually holds a little catch that can have undesirable consequences… so I decided to take a pic and find out a little more…


Now keep in mind that this is something rather minor… but seriously… how much crap do you want to put into sausage? When only 63% is beef and 28% is water… making up for 91%, which basically means that the remaining 8% is a total load of crap! How is that a best buy? Strangely though… this was the last pack left on the shelf, so with that all these Q’s came rushing into my head… I have added the url links to this post so you can see for yourself where I found my answers… as the truth of it all is way too disturbing to even mention here!

Q 1. Why add cereal to sausage?

A1. http://www.fao.org/docrep/003/x6556e/X6556E02.htm

Q2. I know salt is a good preservative… but then why add MSG?

A2. http://www.msgtruth.org/avoid.htm

Q3. What the hell is HVP?

A3. http://www.naturalnews.com/028323_Hydrolyzed_Vegetable_Protein_HVP.html

Q4. What is phosphates & why the heck is in in this sausage?

A4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phosphate

Q5. Flavorings…huh…so I’m not actually gonna have beef sausage but something that is a synthetic production thereof?

A5. http://www.wisegeek.com/how-are-sausages-made.htm

Q6. Wheat gluten…Why would they add that to “normal” beef sausage?

A6.1 http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2009/07/23/why-is-wheat-gluten-disorder-on-the-rise.aspx

A6.2 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheat_gluten_(food)

…and a flavor enhancer…seriously WTF man…


Q7. What’s ascorbic acid… and if it’s a preservative then what the heck is the salt for?

A7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ascorbic_acid

Q8. Spice Extracts… what? Wasn’t normal spice good enough?

A8. http://healthybliss.net/the-truth-in-food-labeling-food-additives-to-avoid-hidden-sources-of-msg/

Q9. Why do I require a scientific degree to know what chemicals they are putting into my food?

A9. Same answer as A8.

Q10. What is the literacy percentage in Cape Town, Woodstock, South Africa & how many people in their haste actually read what ingredients contained in the food they purchase for their growing families?

A10.1 https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/sf.html

A10.2 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_literacy_rate

A10.3 http://www.indexmundi.com/facts/south-africa/literacy-rate

At least they had the decency to follow required South African legalities in regard to food production while proudly announcing that it’s specially packed for “Shoprite Checkersone of the largest and most established supermarkets in the country… nice one!

I would place this one on my list of epic fails… and in doing so I vow never to shop there again… because if this is what a supermarket chain deams responsible produce to provide a consumer with… while knowing full and well what these ingredients does to the human body… They choose profit, I choose sustainability…

Maybe this is just a little rant I’m having… but with everything being the way it is in RSA… well the least they could do is feed us, their slaves with proper nutrition instead of crap like this.

All this has done is raise even more questions… and I must admit, it’s like an avalanche of filth.

…then I decided to ask “google” How many consumers in South Africa read the labels on food and this article popped up… and all I can say is WTF!!!




…See you in two weeks time for my next bucket of thoughts & rants 🙂